FREE Hands-On Work Experience and Internship on Live Projects

With Expert Training in Business Analysis and Project Management Profession

FREE Hands-On Work Experience and Internship on Live Projects

With Expert Training in Business Analysis and Project Management Profession

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Seeking a mentor who can provide one-on-one coaching tailored to your

individual career needs?

Are you a Business Analyst or Project Manager, having some difficulties in

your current role, and require ‘On-The-Job’ guidance and support?

Unsure how to align your career goals with current BA/PM roles available to


Need assistance in understanding the strategy and clarification on Tier-2

Sponsorship Referrals and Placements?

Want to reduce the time it takes to find suitable BA/PM role with expert-

guided mentorship?

Includes all the Benefits of the ‘CV-Resume Building and LinkedIn

Branding’ Modules

Struggling with understanding the nuances of different employment types as

a BA/PM, like permanent roles, fixed-term contracts, or contracting?

Feeling lost or overwhelmed in navigating the complexities of the BA/PM job market?

Is a lack of targeted job searching strategies holding you back from securing your ideal BA/PM role?

Need expert insights into the latest industry practices and methodologies in business analysis and project management?

Are you looking for practical advice and support to make informed and confident career decisions?

Services that Shape Futures: Your Path to Growth Starts at The Learning Place

CV-Resume Building

Struggling to make your CV–Resume stand out in a crowded BA or PM job market?

Finding it challenging to articulate your achievements, delivery outcomes and value in a compelling way as a BA or PM?

Feeling overlooked by recruiters despite having the skills and experience for a BA or PM role?

Unsure about how to effectively tailor your CV–Resume for specific BA or PM job applications?

Need guidance on how to maintain and update your BA or PM professional profiles to stay relevant in your industry?

LinkedIn Branding

Missing out on lucrative opportunities for BA or PM roles due to an unoptimized LinkedIn profile?

Is your LinkedIn profile failing to capture the attention of top industry recruiters as a BA or PM?

Feeling beat by the complexity of building a qualified brand that stands out as a BA or PM?

Is the lack of a strong first impression hindering your career progression as a BA or PM?

Feel your personal brand isn’t reflecting your true professional potential as a BA or PM?

Industry and Domain Knowledge Blueprint

Feeling limited by your current understanding of industry-specific dynamics and

requirements in your current BA/PM role?

Eager to adapt and apply your knowledge and expertise in various industry

contexts but need guidance on how to do so?

Struggling to bridge the gap between your generic business analysis and

project management skills and the specialized needs of the sector or industry

you work in? Sectors like public sector, healthcare, finance, insurance, energy

or technology?

Finding it challenging to apply your project management or business analysis

skills effectively in diverse industry contexts?

Feeling like a lack of in-depth industry knowledge is hindering your ability to

innovate and drive change in your current role or discipline?

Looking to become a sought-after expert in a niche sector but unsure where to

start and how to go about it?

Feel like your current knowledge and skill lack relevance and applicability in the

specific industry or sector you are interested in?

Missing opportunities to advance your career prospects due to a limited

understanding of your industry's unique challenges?

Want to enhance your ability to think critically and solve real-world problems in

your chosen industry or domain?

Aspiring to be at the forefront of your industry but need a deeper knowledge

foundation to get there?

Examples of our ‘Industry and Domain Knowledge Blueprint’ are in public

sector, finance, healthcare, insurance, energy and technology

Interview Coaching and Storytelling Mastery Bundle

Feeling nervous or under-prepared when facing job interviews for a BA/PM role, potentially missing out on your dream BA/PM role?

Struggling to communicate your unique value and skills effectively at interviews?

A lack of a compelling storytelling technique holding you back in showcasing your achievements and experiences?

Finding it challenging to articulate your professional journey in a way that captivates interviewers?

Need guidance and support on how to handle different types of interviews, like behavioral, situational or technical, with confidence?

Want to improve your ability to stay composed and confident in high-pressure interview situations?

Unsure how to negotiate better offers as a BA/PM and articulate your worth during interviews?

Looking for insights into what employers truly seek for in candidates during interviews?

Feeling like a lack of effective storytelling skills is preventing you from standing out in the competitive BA/PM job market?

Finding it difficult to create a narrative that aligns your skills and experience with the needs of potential employers?

Success Stories

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From Building and Construction to Real Estate Portfolio Manager

Fran's success story

Healthcare Assistant turned Healthcare Process Analyst @DHSC

Asif & Shabnam

success story

From Accounting to Software Implementation Manager in Financial Markets and from retail to eCommerce Project Manager

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